Tuesday, May 30, 2006

TangoOSU newsletter: moving to Hayes Hall tonight, Milonga, etc.

Milongueras, Milongueros,

A few changes: until further notice, we are meeting at HAYES HALL lobby on TUESDAYS, starting today, FRIDAYS and SATURDAYS, and as usual at ROYER on WEDNESDAYS and SUNDAYS. HAYES HALL is not only nicer looking, but is also airconditioned. So, our timetable is as follows:

TUESDAYS 7pm ROBERT at HAYES HALL, Progressive Beginners, $5/$7.

WEDNESDAYS FRANCESCO at ROYER, 7pm Intermediate, 8pm Beginners, $5/$7.

FRIDAYS 9pm ROBERT at HAYES HALL, Progressive Beginners, $5/$7.

SATURDAYS 8pm ALICE&LUCIA at HAYES HALL, Beginners Salon Style, $4/$5.

SUNDAYS FRANCESCO at ROYER, 5:15pm Beginners I, $5; 6pm Beginners II, $5/$7; 7pm Intermediate, $5/$7.

Francesco & Pam will be giving a WORKSHOP on Saturday, JUNE 3rd. If you are interested in beginners' material (to improve your own skills, or to learn how to teach/help beginners in the future), this will be a great opportunity. For more information, please email: tcyinyang@aol.com

La MILONGA BUCKEYE is next held at ROYER, JUNE 11, 8:15pm, to celebrate the end of the academic year. Pizza, soft drinks, and background material - do not miss the fun!

See you on the dance floor!

PS. New photos are posted on the homepage, http://tango.osu.edu, click on "Photos1", and anyway the graphics are improved there.
PPS. As a Vaishnavaite, I thought I'd say the picture in the blog (http://tangoosu.blogspot.com) indicates Tango is not danced alone.

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