Saturday, May 27, 2006

La Milonga Buckeye tonight!

I intended to make a short list of Milongueros, but this might be interpreted as being exclusive - which we are not: we are friendly, relaxed and informal! But let me remind us all that La MILONGA BUCKEYE will take place tonight, 9:15pm, at the lobby of HAYES HALL. This nice looking space, at the home of the Dept. of Art and Art History, is near the Wexner center. A photo (taken last night, after Robert's lesson) and a map can be found at the homepage: (which has now images of our instructors); $1. There are armchairs for those who wish to rest between dances, soft drinks and a little innovation (if I get my equipment to work). All are welcome!

At 8pm Lucia&I hold a Beginners lesson, basic steps for a Milonga, to learn basic moves of social dancing and actually be able to dance, Salon style, (UG: $3)$4/$5.

See you on the dance floor, tonight!

Added Sunday May 28, the "morning after": we had a great party, photos are on the homepage, click on the Hayes Hall thumbnail, or directly:

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