Saturday, December 02, 2006

Current events

Milongueras, Milongueros,

Just a quick note: during the break, Saturday lessons are suspended, will resume January 6, 2007. Sunday lesson will be held one more time on December 17, with Lucia, and then will resume January 7, 2007. Tuesdays practica will continue Dec. 12 and 19, 7pm, with Lucia and Marcelo.

SATURDAY: 7pm Beginners; 8:15pm Intermediate; 9:30 La MILONGA Buckeye, at ROYER; parking is free after 6pm at (1) the meters on N. High st. north of W. Lane, (2) east of N. High, (3) north of W. Lane. Also there is Arps garage. I am told it is free late Saturday and on Sunday.

SUNDAY 6pm Beginners and Practica at ROYER; on Sunday parking is free and legal on W. Lane Ave., and at Arps garage.

TUESDAY at HAYES HALL 7pm, Beginners and Practica. Park east of N. High st., or at Arps garage.

FRIDAY at HAYES HALL 7pm, ROBERT's lesson, Nuevo Tango, 329-6108.

Wexner center asked to announce New Argentine Cinema, Fridays in January, details are at:

See you on the dance floor!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday: celebrate end of football; sunday: girls and photography.

Milongueras, Milongueros,

In addition to the lessons, as usual, see below, this SATURDAY we celebrate in the Milonga (or in our cars, attempting to find a legal parking spot) the victory of the OSU football team, and in partic. the end of the football season: no more traffic jams Saturday nights! Snacks, and a Tango video. In the future, the night of The Game, we shall move the Milonga out of OSU territory

On SUNDAY, we have a special total beginners class starting 5pm with (I am told) 10 girls more than boys. We shall need all of our regular leads that would like to practice more, and thus help, including our women that would like to learn to lead.

ALSO, SUNDAY at 6pm we shall have a PHOTOGRAPHERS' visit; please come punctually at 6pm to the regular lesson!

Lessons schedule is as usual:

SATURDAYS: 7pm Beginners I
8:15pm Beginners II
9:30pm La MILONGA Buckeye (FREE)
SUNDAYS: 6pm Beginners I (Nov. 19: also 5pm)

Lesson prices: students: $15 for all Nov.-Dec. Sat. & Sun. lessons, $10 for 4 consecutive lessons, $3 per one lesson; adults: $30, $20, $6.

All Sat.-Sun. lessons are at ROYER: click on "Royer" at or
(Again: ROYER, not Memorial, as the Ohio Union is to be closed in a few weeks, and rebuilt).

There are now some photos of Nov. 3, courtesy of Joanne Pogros, here at the blog:

Out of town visitors: please write a few days in advance to let me know when you come. Last wknd we had visitors from Tennesse, Indiana, Akron, with much better results when I was told in advance. But a Milonga as on Nov. 3 we have only once a quarter.

Robert's lesson Friday Nov. 17 is cancelled.

All public info is as usual on

See you on the dance floor!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SATURDAY lessons/Milonga moves to ROYER

Milongueras, Milongueros,

ALL SATURDAY and SUNDAY lessons will now continue at ROYER, same times as before:

SATURDAYS: 7pm Beginners I
8:15pm Beginners II
9:30pm La MILONGA Buckeye (FREE)
SUNDAYS: 6pm Beginners I

Lesson prices: students: $15 for all Nov.-Dec. Sat. & Sun. lessons, $10 for 4 consecutive lessons, $3 per one lesson; adults: $30, $20, $6.

ROYER: click on "Royer" at or
(Again: ROYER, not Memorial, since the Ohio Union is to be closed in a few weeks, and rebuilt).

The lessons are to learn not only the steps, but also the posture of Tango, the contact, the axis, the embrace. The Milonga is to practice what you learnt. Taking a Tango lesson without practicing is like taking a language lesson without practicing. In fact, Tango is a language. The Milonga is open to EVERYONE.

PARKING: SUNDAY: parking is free and legal on W. Lane Ave. SATURDAY: the meters on N. High st. north of W. Lane
are free after 6pm. Please do not park on Curl Drive as OSU fights parking on its property as if it were a top crime.

Robert continues his Nuevo Tango style lessons at Hayes Hall, Fridays 7pm. Details are at

Last Friday, Nov. 3, we finally had a Milonga in Columbus with more than a 100 people, with heavier concentration at Ana and Diego's lesson. This is a first step in my attempt to form a critical mass for Tango in Columbus. I am very grateful to the performers: students of Virginia Malton, Jim and Joanne Pogros, Svetlana and Robert, and Ana Padron and Diego Blanco, to all those that assisted in Ana and Diego's lesson - in particular Pam Britton and Lucia Bortoli, to Jennifer, Marcelo and others in publicity, and to all of those who came to dance, learn to dance, or just watch, from Cincinnati, Cleveland, and mainly Columbus. Special thanks go to those who attended the Saturday inspiring lessons - I always enjoy new perspectives reconfirming what I believe in. Anyway, photos will be put on the web as soon as I find the time,

see you on the dance floor!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Tangomania Nov. 3-4

Milongueras, Milongueros,

All of America is holding its breath: is there life beyond football at Ohio State? Well, there is soccer this wknd, I'm being told, and we have TANGOMANIA. Details are on the highly clickable and on this blog.

To make sure:

FRIDAY night is at RPAC; 9pm free lesson, 11pm performances by Diego/Ana, Tim/Joanne, Robert/Svtlana, team of Virginia Malton... 0:15am: iPod prize, drinks, snacks.

SATURDAY All Level lessons 10am, 11:30am by Diego and Ana, 3pm, 4:30pm by Tim and Joanne, are at ROYER. Please come 9:30am to register, warm up, coffee...


PARKING: Friday night you may park at the Neil Ave. garage, #287 on the map (click RPAC on East of N. High st. there are free street parking spots, and meters are free after 6pm. This is convenient for ROYER and MEMORIAL; longer walk to RPAC. Parking on OSU campus without permit: your car might get towed from handicapped spots, ticketed elsewhere.

Those who need accomodation please identify yourselves to me before midnight. Dormitory style. Ladies may ask for homestay.

See you on the dance floor!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Tangueras, Tangueros,

Nov. 3-4, Friday night and all day Saturday, a unique opportunity to watch some of the best performers in Tango, see different Tango styles, learn from the Masters of rather different approaches, and dance! Dancers of Columbus and neighboring communities are all welcome. Please REGISTER to the four Saturday Nov. 4 lessons ASAP; we would like to know in advance the number of students so that the teachers can better plan the lessons (pay in class, email:

So here are the details:

FRIDAY NOV. 3 and SATURDAY NOV. 4, TangoOSU, the Argentine Tango Student Organization at the Ohio State University, is holding a 28+ hour TANGOMANIA, with Tango teachers and performers DIEGO BLANCO Y ANA PADRON of NY, JOANNE and TIM POGROS of Cleveland, VIRGINIA MALTON of Cincinnati, and local teachers from Columbus.

We hold two MILONGAS Friday Nov. 3 and Saturday Nov. 4, of rather different nature. FRIDAY NOV. 3 is an "OpenAir" style MILONGA inside the brand new OSU gym RPAC; SATURDAY NOV. 4 will be at a closed, smaller room: MEMORIAL. Friday night: an iPod prize donated by Apple.

Saturday Nov. 4 WORKSHOPS: 10am and 11:30pm by Diego BLANCO Y Ana PADRON of Big Apple, and 3pm, 4:30pm by Tim/Joanne POGROS of Cleveland, will be $10 per lesson, $15 for two, $30 for all four (students), $15, $20, $40 for adults (prepay prices). We offer FREE basic ACCOMODATION and shower for visitors who bring their own sleepingbag and RSVP by the end of Oct.:

More info:

The website is highly clickable: click on name of performer or teacher for more info (or video for Diego BLANCO Y Ana PADRON).

Click on location name for MAPs & DIRECTIONs. All events will take place on the OSU campus; Friday MILONGA takes place at RPAC: Saturday's lessons at ROYER, Milonga will be at MEMORIAL.

Here is a more detailed description of all events:


9pm-10pm: FREE beginners LESSON: Diego Blanco and others;

10pm until at least 1am: FREE MILONGA; DJ Tim Pogros

11pm: PERFORMANCES by Diego Blanco Y Ana Padron of NY; Joanne/Tim Pogros; Svetlana Iskhakov/Robert Archer; and students of Virginia Malton of Cincinnati

0:15am: raffle prize: iPod; drinks, foods (coffee/bagel shop of RPAC is open until midnight)

Free dormitory style accomodation&shower for out of town visitors with sleepingbag/towel, RSVP by end of Oct.

SATURDAY NOV. 4: ROYER WORKSHOP: lessons suitable for all levels, with: Ana PADRON y Diego BLANCO: 10am, 11:30am Tim/Joanne POGROS: 3pm, 4:30pm

Prepay prices: students: $10 one lesson, $15 two, $30 all four; adults: $15, $20, $40.

RSVP:, specify your level.

SATURDAY NOV. 4: La MILONGA Buckeye: 8pm-last dancer.

ANA PADRON and DIEGO BLANCO bring an electrifying and passionate perspective to Tango. They were featured performers in "Tango Fever", "Sensual Tango Review", and "Tango Undressed". They placed 2nd in the US Tango Congress, took 3rd place in the World Tango Competition, and were awarded 1st place in the national competition ARTS hosted by the National Foundation for Advancement in the Arts. Ana and Diego recently moved from Florida to NYC where they teach ( in Manhattan and Long Island. They are the soloist in the off-Broadway musical Gardel.

An example of what they do is at video

The classes will focus on musicality, comfort of the embrace, and body mechanics via a sophisticated step. ANA and DIEGO believe that through practice of these three principles the dancers will enjoy tango. ALL LESSONS WILL BE ACCESSIBLE TO ALL LEVELS. DIFFERENT DANCERS WILL BENEFIT IN DIFFERENT WAYS.

Joanne and Tim POGROS traveled to many cities in the US and Argentina to learn and dance Tango. Tim started Tango in
Cleveland, DJed in various festivals and Milongas, and they are currently holding large classes at Wooster and Oberlin
and organize Milongas: "the Milonguero style ... this is the only style Joanne and I dance and teach".

See you on the dance floor!