Friday, November 16, 2007

Tango manifestations

Here is an attempt to explain what I try to do in Tango (by which I mean Argentine Tango) in Columbus.

I would like to have a vibrant community of people dancing Tango in the city where I live (most of the time).

This means people that can actually dance Tango, as they do in any major city around the globe. Not people that come to lessons just for excercise or entertainment, or memorize steps.

By Tango I mean a language for two people to communicate with each other, move together comfortably, understand each other; for the lead to offer energy through the upper body, for the follower to transfer that energy to the legs.

Tango does not mean to replay memorized choreography. It is not for show-off. It is for communicating with each other. Performing Tango steps to Tango music is not yet Tango.

Tango is the only activity I know of where the two must do it really together, totally attentive to each other. Otherwise it will not give the unique feeling that Tango gives. Any other activity that we do, we do alone, possibly in the vicinity of each other.

Tango is not about swingings legs on each other's hips or necks, although steps can be nicely done if you listen to each other. Leading with legs, arms, shoulders, or lead looking down to the follower's legs, swinging legs, shaking, jumping, memorizing choreographed sequence of steps - belong to dances other than Tango. I would try to teach this in the lessons, and weed out bad habits where I think this might be possible; steps are then easy to do.

Tango is (for me) communication, improvisation, not choreography, nor doing steps. Without this communication, Tango would not be as fascinating as it is, it would not give the unparalled satisfaction that Milongueros derive from it.

Here you can see that fish swim counterclockwise, as we do in a Milonga.

These orangutans internalized the essence of el Abrazo: giving love, support, affection, protection.

In this Pulitzer prize winner photo you can see some political Tango, against a corrupt regime. There is an excellent use of the upper body to move the glass wall between the lead and the followers.

Here you can see what King Tut used for dancing.

Even cats think they can dance, but be careful not to be scratched.

More about the relationship betweens cats and dance.

Did you not understand what Abrazo means? It has nothing to do with show-off.

Here are our current time-space coordinates:
Autumn (Sunday, Nov. 17, 2007)---Columbus Ohio:
Or: My Red-tailed Hawk:

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Carlos de Rio, visiting mid-November

Dia De Los Muertos at RPAC, Nov. 2

For the flier, composed by James, click

The event could not have taken place without the efforts of Connie, James and Frank, who invested much time and labor in planning, organizing, working with RPAC authorities, deciding on choice of foods, carrying drinks, designing fliers and posters, distributing them. Nice to see that their work was appreciated as is clear from the huge turnout, and the smiles on the faces of the participants, as recorded for example in the following photos, taken by Jen W.: