Tuesday, November 07, 2006

SATURDAY lessons/Milonga moves to ROYER

Milongueras, Milongueros,

ALL SATURDAY and SUNDAY lessons will now continue at ROYER, same times as before:

SATURDAYS: 7pm Beginners I
8:15pm Beginners II
9:30pm La MILONGA Buckeye (FREE)
SUNDAYS: 6pm Beginners I

Lesson prices: students: $15 for all Nov.-Dec. Sat. & Sun. lessons, $10 for 4 consecutive lessons, $3 per one lesson; adults: $30, $20, $6.

ROYER: click on "Royer" at http://tango.osu.edu or
(Again: ROYER, not Memorial, since the Ohio Union is to be closed in a few weeks, and rebuilt).

The lessons are to learn not only the steps, but also the posture of Tango, the contact, the axis, the embrace. The Milonga is to practice what you learnt. Taking a Tango lesson without practicing is like taking a language lesson without practicing. In fact, Tango is a language. The Milonga is open to EVERYONE.

PARKING: SUNDAY: parking is free and legal on W. Lane Ave. SATURDAY: the meters on N. High st. north of W. Lane
are free after 6pm. Please do not park on Curl Drive as OSU fights parking on its property as if it were a top crime.

Robert continues his Nuevo Tango style lessons at Hayes Hall, Fridays 7pm. Details are at http://tango.osu.edu.

Last Friday, Nov. 3, we finally had a Milonga in Columbus with more than a 100 people, with heavier concentration at Ana and Diego's lesson. This is a first step in my attempt to form a critical mass for Tango in Columbus. I am very grateful to the performers: students of Virginia Malton, Jim and Joanne Pogros, Svetlana and Robert, and Ana Padron and Diego Blanco, to all those that assisted in Ana and Diego's lesson - in particular Pam Britton and Lucia Bortoli, to Jennifer, Marcelo and others in publicity, and to all of those who came to dance, learn to dance, or just watch, from Cincinnati, Cleveland, and mainly Columbus. Special thanks go to those who attended the Saturday inspiring lessons - I always enjoy new perspectives reconfirming what I believe in. Anyway, photos will be put on the web as soon as I find the time,

see you on the dance floor!

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