Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday: celebrate end of football; sunday: girls and photography.

Milongueras, Milongueros,

In addition to the lessons, as usual, see below, this SATURDAY we celebrate in the Milonga (or in our cars, attempting to find a legal parking spot) the victory of the OSU football team, and in partic. the end of the football season: no more traffic jams Saturday nights! Snacks, and a Tango video. In the future, the night of The Game, we shall move the Milonga out of OSU territory

On SUNDAY, we have a special total beginners class starting 5pm with (I am told) 10 girls more than boys. We shall need all of our regular leads that would like to practice more, and thus help, including our women that would like to learn to lead.

ALSO, SUNDAY at 6pm we shall have a PHOTOGRAPHERS' visit; please come punctually at 6pm to the regular lesson!

Lessons schedule is as usual:

SATURDAYS: 7pm Beginners I
8:15pm Beginners II
9:30pm La MILONGA Buckeye (FREE)
SUNDAYS: 6pm Beginners I (Nov. 19: also 5pm)

Lesson prices: students: $15 for all Nov.-Dec. Sat. & Sun. lessons, $10 for 4 consecutive lessons, $3 per one lesson; adults: $30, $20, $6.

All Sat.-Sun. lessons are at ROYER: click on "Royer" at or
(Again: ROYER, not Memorial, as the Ohio Union is to be closed in a few weeks, and rebuilt).

There are now some photos of Nov. 3, courtesy of Joanne Pogros, here at the blog:

Out of town visitors: please write a few days in advance to let me know when you come. Last wknd we had visitors from Tennesse, Indiana, Akron, with much better results when I was told in advance. But a Milonga as on Nov. 3 we have only once a quarter.

Robert's lesson Friday Nov. 17 is cancelled.

All public info is as usual on

See you on the dance floor!

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