Tuesday, May 23, 2006

TangoOSU newsletter: Hayes Hall, Milonga, Francesco, Robert, Blog

Milongueras, Milongueros,

Let me start with the timetable this week. Please do note change in location Friday and Saturday!

Tonight, TUESDAY 7pm, ROBERT teaches ALL LEVELS at SCARLET K, basement of the OHIO UNION, $5/$7. I'll post videos of Robert's lesson as soon as I learn to do it, maybe tonight.

WEDNESDAY, FRANCESCO resumes at ROYER, 7pm Intermediate, 8pm Beginners, $5/$7.

FRIDAY, ROBERT, 9pm, all levels, at HAYES HALL lobby, $5/$7.

SATURDAY 8pm LUCIA&I beginners at HAYES HALL lobby. Reduced prices: $3/$4/$5 for UG/Grads/adults. This lesson is for Beginners, to learn basic moves of social dancing and actually be able to dance, salon style.

La MILONGA BUCKEYE: 9:15pm, at HAYES HALL lobby, $1.

SUNDAY FRANCESCO at ROYER, 5:15pm Beginners I, $5; 6pm Beginners II, 7pm Intermediate, $5/$7.

HAYES HALL is on the Oval near the Wexner center, the home of the dept of Art and History of Art, and the lobby is accordingly beautiful. For map click on http://tango.osu.edu , updated as soon as I can.

I am planning on sending a Milonga reminder to a short list on Friday, as this mailing list probably contains many who lost interest in Tango. Write to tango@osu.edu if u want to be on the short list.

I don't have much to add to the comment on the Blog http://tangoosu.blogspot.com on Sunday's lessons: " Anonymous said... What a great lesson! Such great fun! So wonderful to have you back Francesco and Pam!"

In many communities they need to continuously bring outside teachers. We are so fortunate to have an ever fresh stream of ideas!

I posted on http://tangoosu.blogspot.com an entry on ROBERT's original MATRIX METHOD, in which I believe. Having a structured method helps to learn efficiently. Such methods, e.g. Discovery, by Mauricio Castro, proved very successful: http://www.le-tango.com/frameset.htm special events, or http://www.tangodiscovery.com/TD2/English/Index.htm We have it all here already!

Do come to the MILONGA! This will not be a formal Milonga. Rather, we are relaxed: whoever wishes also to improve and learn will have the room for that: HAYES HALL beautiful lobby is split in two by a huge antique table, and the arches add ottoman flavor.

See you on the dance floor!

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