Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Milongueras, Milongueros,

Our reduced scale summer program continues with Nuevo Tango lessons of ROBERT, at HAYES HALL lobby, TUESDAYS 7pm and FRIDAYS 9pm. Call Robert at 329-6108 to register. Use the dead season in Columbus to get more personal attention.

I posted some photos from my visit to Berlin last week: click on "Photos", left column of our website http://tango.osu.edu Strange people these Berliners: for them the summer is the high season. Actually all the time they have a high season, with about four Milongas a night. It is a city of 3 millions, about 4 times the size of our great capital city. But I guess when they do something, they do it well. Anyway, flier is at: http://download.tango.info/berlin.tango.info_2006-07_A4flyer.pdf
and my recommendation, from personal experience: Tuesday: Claerchen Ballhaus; Wednesday: Roter Salon; Thursday: Osthafen; Friday: Neue Nationalgalerie (openair) & the small hours: Walzerlinksgestrickt; Saturday: Ballhaus Rixdorf; Sunday: Tangoloft, then Loewenpalais, then Max und Moritz.

Anyway, Saturday they had LoveParade. For photos click "Photos1" at the homepage. Electro Music is in a sense the opposite of Tango Music, but I never forgot an olde love - I hope nobody would be upset at the photos there. (&www.loveparade.net)

Well, I thank Sumiko for letting me write this week's message, see you on the dance floor, I guess in late September,


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