Monday, July 03, 2006

Week of July 3rd

Here is this week's TangoOSU.

1) Royer closes for renovation--NO CLASS
2) This week's TangoOSU
3) Milonga (7/16) cancelled
4) Tango photos from Europe
5) Last Tango in....

ATTN: Royer closes f
or renovation--NO CLASS
Royer Student Activities Center will be under construction so that it can be used as a study room
. Therefore it will be closed for the rest of the summer. The room is scheduled to be closed from this Wednesday on. Francesco's last class with TangoOSU would have taken place on Wednesday, but due to this condition, it is cancelled. THERE WILL BE NO CLASS THIS WEDNESDAY AT ROYER and the rest of the summer.

2) This week's TangoOSU
But, there are classes going on at Hayes Hall, which is the oldest, historic building on campus (and it's airconditioned!). Here is the map:

And here is the current TangoOSU lesson schedule:

AYS with Robert at Hayes Hall
7pm- Progressive Beginners $5/$7

FRIDAYS with Robert at Hayes Hall
9pm- Progressive Beginners $5/$7

Robert is teaching Nuevo Tango style, and his cell phone number is (614)329-6108. Traditionally, there is less Tango activity in Columbus during the summer. Use this opportunity to
get more personal attention. For more information about Robert's class, click "Matrix Tango with Robert" on the right column, or simply click

3) Milonga
(7/16) cancelled
We are afraid that the milonga originally scheduled on July 16th (SUN) is now cancelled due to the Royer renovation. We may plan at another location in the near future, so please frequently check our website ( for future events!

4) Tango photos from Europe

Yuval has uploaded some nice Tango photos from Europe. Check them out at (upper left, click "photos")

5) Last Tango in...
As is suggested above, Francesco and Pam's last lesson with TangoOSU was this past Sunday. (I'm sorry for those who could not make it!) We would like to thank them for their dedication and contributions to our organization, and wish them the best for their next endeavor.

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