Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This Saturday Free Intermediate Lesson by Steve of Philly; Grand Workshop Nov. 3-4; lessons

Milongueras, Milongueros,

Our classes continue: SATURDAY 8pm at MEMORIAL; SUNDAY 6pm at ROYER. Both classes advance rapidly; in both we could do with a few more men.
Added Oct. 13: due to a request, there will be a NEW BEGINNERS CLASS Saturday Oct. 21 at 7pm, Memorial Room of the Ohio Union.

THIS SATURDAY, 9:30pm, Steve from Philadelphia will teach cadenas, cascadas, or maybe colgadas, depending on the level of the attending students. Lesson is free to TangoOSU students and regulars of our Milongas, and only $10 to others (if in doubt, email me).

Steve learnt Tango in Buenos Aires: "I was teaching a management course in Buenos Aires, and fell in love with the city and the dance. I wrote an article about learning tango in Buenos Aires:

I've since danced in New York, Montreal, New Mexico, Seattle, Washington, Paris, and at festivals in Baltimore and Providence. I also have a tango band (I play guitar), which plays in local milongas. And I've used illustrations from tango in a management workshop on organizational improvisation."

La MILONGA BUCKEYE will take place at 10:30pm this Saturday.

Professor Freeman (Steve, in his Tanguero avatar) of UPenn asked me to write that he will talk on election fraud research Friday 6:30pm at Nestor Hall auditorium of Columbus State Community College:
See also:
For a link to his book:

Details of our workshop Nov. 3-4 are at and
I'll write more on the Friday Nov. 3 and Saturday Nov. 4 9pm Milongas later.

To secure your place in the Saturday Nov. 4 lessons with Diego and Ana, Joanne and Tim, pay asap: students $15 for two lessons, $30 for all four, grown-ups: $20 and $40. Our Saturday/Sunday students: see us in class.

Robert's class continues as usual Fridays 7pm at Hayes Hall.

Here are a few photos from Wednesday's night private engagement lesson of Jennifer and Yuval:

See you on the dance floor!

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