Saturday, October 07, 2006

Classes continue, Saturday Milonga

Milongueras, Milongueros,

LUCIA and I continue our Saturdays and Sunday lessons. Our attempt will be to prepare as many of you as we can, and as well as we can, to be able to dance at any Milonga, e.g. for the Nov. 3-5 Workshop. See & &

SATURDAYS we continue with a united longer class at the MEMORIAL Room of the OHIO UNION:
10:00pm MILONGA
Our emphasize will be how to dance well so that you can practice your dance from very early on, as the promising group we have is doing.

Prices: Students: $10 for 4 lessons, or $3 per one; Others: $20 for 4 lessons, or $6 per one.

The Milonga is free. The Milonga is for people to enjoy dancing. Not to show-off and intimidate beginners. Posture is more important than steps.

SUNDAY we continue at ROYER (Middle Room):
6:00pm: BEGINNERS I,
7:30pm: Practica.

FRIDAYS ROBERT continues his alternative nonMilonga lessons at HAYES HALL 7:00pm, followed by a Practica at 8pm. Prices: Students 8x$5 for 8 lessons, $7 per one; others: 8x$7 and $10.

All information can be found at our website: - if you click on "Memorial", "Royer", "Hayes Hall", you will get a map.

Parking: For MEMORIAL, SATURDAY night, you can park at the Ohio Union garage, sometime it is free, but not at the street between OU & N. High (ticket is likely). I park on the street east of High, free. For ROYER, SUNDAY parking is legally free on W. Lane. Do not park on Curl Dr. (I got a ticket).

And don't forget, every Saturday, 10pm, we have a free Milonga at Memorial.

See you on the dance floor!

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