Saturday, October 06, 2007

Milonga in Bangkok, Thailand

Milonga Los Suenos every Sunday at Dream Hotel, Sukhumvit Soi 15, BKK, Thailand

I and Amm, my friend in BKK, Aug '07

Dancing with Radu at Pomerene 213, summer '07.
Dear all Tangomania,

How are you doing there? Are you enjoying Tango? :D

For anyone who don't know me. I am "Joy", a Thai student who knows Argentine Tango at first time in Columbus and then fall in love with this dance (even though DaYu thought I wouldn't be a Tango lover and a good dancer at his few beginner class I enrolled in last Feb but finally I have proved that I could be one of Tangomania people and improving dancers). You can ask DaYu how I was bad dancer and how much I improved myself during time I was there (end of Feb to late July, 2007).

This is my thought and my story I would like to share all of you. After 2 months that I am back to my home country, now I have joined Tango community and experienced milonga here in BKK, Thailand for sometime. It is good unless it's very hot here :P

There are many good dancers here and they set up one main milonga on every Sunday, practica and lessons on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and also Saturday. :-O

I would like to join all of their activities but because of limited free time I have, I can join them at least once a week only (and extra if I have more time). So if you love Tango, don't hesitate to join even Tango classes, practica, workshop or milonga.

Don't be afraid to dance and ask people to dance with you!. If any of them reject, don't give up, ask another :D. I did like that even though I am a girl. It might be a bit difficult when you go to any milonga at the first time and you don't know anyone (I expereinced that) but if you begin to ask them to dance, you will have chance to practice, learning and ENJOY more and more ( I did and doing that too).
I danced for whole 3 hours at least (in milonga). It was really rare that I would do only sit and wait someone coming to invite me to dance with. You may not need to dance non-stop like I did :P I just would like to tell you from my opinion that if you would like to improve your dancing, don't be afraid to be rejected when you invite other dancers to dance with you.
Being a good dancer can't happen to anyone who does only sitting, waiting and doesn't keep practicing. So don't miss LaBuckeye milonga after class.
Let's make dance floor is a pleasant place that will entertain and fullfil your soul !!

If you don't give up, you can be one of good dancers by time. Now I am still learning, practicing, evaluating myself for better, more beautiful and smoother Tango and enjoying music more and more every time I go to practica and milonga.
Hope this message may inspire anyone who love Tango to keep dancing and practice. One day we may meet in any milonga, somewhere, who knows?

Enjoy Tango!! (not for anyone else, it's for YOURSELF). Take care.


PS. If you have chance to visit Thailand, don't forget to visit BKK milonga :)

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