Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Winter TANGOMANIA, Jan. 19-21

Milongueras, Milongueros,

Yes, we are having a Winter TANGOMANIA, Jan. 19-21, with David Black of Boston and MIT, Tim Pogros of Cleveland, and some of our friends from Cincinnatti, Indianapolis and Tennesse. More details below, but the timetable is as follows:

9pm: FREE Beginners LESSON with David Black
10pm-until last dancer: FREE MILONGA
Light drinks, foods, prizes (incl. an iPod).

SATURDAY JAN. 20 and SUNDAY JAN. 21: Workshops at
Saturday: 1:30pm-3pm All Level; 3:15pm-4:45pm Intermediate
Sunday: noon-1:30pm All Level; 1:45pm-3:15pm Intermediate
with David Black. Adults: $10 per workshop; students half price; undergrad less than 26 TangoOSU members: free.

SATURDAY JAN. 20, 7pm: La MILONGA Buckeye, at POMERENE HALL, with LIVE MUSIC, thanks to local talent (please let me know if you can join the band, or sing)!

Friday Jan. 19 is at RPAC lounge/amphitheater, entrance is free for all, no OSU affiliation needed. This is an Open-Air type of space inside the modern glass-walled building. The Saturday La Milonga Buckeye, and the Saturday-Sunday Workshops, will be in the classical hardwood floor setting of Pomerene Hall.

Accomodation for out of towners: free dormitory style accomodation and hot shower will be provided for those bringing their gear (sleeping bag, towel) and RSVP. My attempt will be to create eventually a Nijmegen style event (www.elcorte.com) here, but I'll need all the help you can provide.

All info is at http://tango.osu.edu - just click to get a map, etc.

Here are some details of David's workshops in our upcoming TANGOMANIA, Jan. 19-21, at the OHIO STATE University.
The low prices: $10 per workshop per adult, $5 per student and reductions for TangoOSU members (esp. to undergrads up to age 26) are due to our sponsors support. RSVP asap.

Note that David will teach on a multi-level basis. Please come to each workshop 15 minutes before starting time, to warm up and register, as David would like to keep the timetable as announced. For updated info -- incl. maps, info for out of towners, etc. -- see http://tango.osu.edu

Program at OSU, Friday-Sunday January 19-21

DAVID BLACK, recently returned from teaching seminars in Moscow & St. Petersburg, Russia, resides and teaches Argentine Tango in the Boston area. He has taught in Europe, USA, Canada and Argentina. He has studied with over 40 great maestros of Buenos Airies. His style is authentic and his teaching encompasses traditional salon for social dancing and elements for stage and performance.

FRIDAY, January 19, at Ohio State Univ. RPAC, 9pm-1am:

Introductory Lesson (9:00pm - 10:30pm), FREE

Come join us for a free lesson. Material will cover the basics and some great moves for more advanced dancers. Followed by a MILONGA.

SATURDAY, January 20, at Pomerene Hall:

All Levels Lesson (1:30pm - 3:00pm)

This class will focus on tecnique for all levels, both men and ladies. Additonal material will cover various styles of tango and fundamental sequences. Note: for more advanced dancers David will add more advanced material on a personal basis in his
classes. Please feel free to ask him during the seminars.

Intermediate Tango (3:15pm - 4:45pm)

Starting from basic sequences this class will add some back scadas and ganchos and and build to more advanced elements. More advanced people will be given additional material on a personal basis in the classes.

SUNDAY, January 21 at Pomerene Hall:

All Levels Lesson Tango Waltz (12:00 - 1:30pm)

This class will cover the rhythm of dancing to Tango Waltz and use figures that go great with the music. The Calecita, Planeos and Boleos.

Intermediate Tango for Show (1:45pm - 3:15pm)

This class will use elements that can be used for both social dancing and for the stage including Enganches, Drags, and some great Finales (how to end a tango - endings).

David will also be available for private lessons by arrangement, write to tango@osu.edu

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